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Peritus is dedicated to providing bankruptcy solutions for clients of all sizes, across many different industries. Our bankruptcy focus, well-regarded business practices, and decade-long record of successful relationships have generated millions of dollars for clients and made us one of the premier servicer of bankruptcy debt in the United States. 

We are Compliance Centered and Provide the Most Cost Effective Solution to Servicing your Bankrupt Loans

Peritus Portfolio Services manages Secured and Unsecured accounts for large and small companies. Services include filing proof of claims, objections, reaffirmations, plan review, trustee monitoring, and payment processing. Peritus also offers a full servicing program that includes account liquidation. With over 100+ years of experience in our industry, the management team at Peritus Portfolio Services knows how to bring the most value for your business. 

Consider The Benefits 

$ Reduce

Staffing expenses

$ Eliminate

The Expense

of servicing

bankrupt accounts

$ Eliminate 

Compliance Issues

for your accounts

$ Eliminate

Legal Risk

of handling 

bankrupt accounts

$ Increase

Recovery rates

cash flow

At Peritus, we know what it takes to build successful partnerships. We believe that to help you succeed, we must have a thorough understanding of your business goals, your industry, its trends and how you conduct your business. Since our inception, we forged many successful partnerships. But we never forget our commitment to our customers. That’s why we have earned the reputation of being your total solution partner.

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