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Secured Bankruptcy Servicing

Outsource your secured bankruptcy debt to Peritus, and we’ll review every asset, track every claim, and negotiate your payment terms.

If you’re like most businesses, lost revenue from bankrupt accounts is a fact of life despite your best efforts to file claims and return dollars to your bottom line. We have the time to analyze every opportunity, and we’ve invested in the infrastructure it takes to realize the highest possible recovery rates.

Our well-developed processes benefit your bottom line. Over the years we’ve developed, tested, and streamlined our secured debt recovery processes to add revenue to corporate balance sheets. We understand the extra dollars are found in the details, so we service your accounts with extraordinary precision and care.

Unsecured Bankruptcy Servicing

Unsecured bankruptcy debt is unpredictable. Its hard to project volume and cash flow, and difficult to manage. At Peritus, bankruptcy debt is our sole focus. We’re experts at handling claims for unsecured bankruptcy debt, finding overlooked dollars, and increasing recovery rates so you can add revenue to your bottom line.

We’ll raise your recovery rate by perfecting every claim. When it comes to unsecured bankruptcy debt, it’s unrealistic for most companies to spend what it takes to monitor every claim, especially when their core capabilities lie elsewhere. We manage proofs of claim with exacting care to reach what we call “claims perfection.” 

Meet the Industry Experts in Bankruptcy Servicing

With over 100 years of combined experience, Peritus offers an array of bankruptcy servicing options for lenders. We provide the most comprehensive, cost effective solution from full liquidation loan servicing to an a la carte solution. We can help you increase your recovery rate, cut your cost, and stay compliant with Federal Regulations.

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