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Peritus Portfolio Services is a specialized consumer bankruptcy portfolio management company, founded in 2010 and located in the Dallas, Texas. Our focus is to provide credit grantors with professional, efficient and highly compliant bankruptcy account management solutions combined with customer service practices beyond client’s expectations.


Peritus Portfolio Services provides two consumer bankruptcy receivables business solutions for credit issuers: Bankruptcy servicing and purchasing. Our solutions create high value for credit grantors through the immediately liquidity generated and internal cost savings, in the case of the purchasing solution, and by the increased efficiencies in a servicing arrangement that increases revenue and reduces cost.


Peritus services chapter 7’s and 13’s, of both secured and unsecured receivables. In an outsourcing servicing arrangement, Peritus offers a wide array of services, including: bankruptcy notification, portfolio monitoring, proof of claim filing and management, re-filer monitoring, response to objections to claim, reaffirmations, and offers a full liquidation program.


Peritus has developed the core business philosophy of “Relationships not Transactions” and by adhering to those core principals, the company has grown into a nationally recognized and trusted name in the financial services industry.

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